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How to Be Good - Nick Hornby At the beginning I was sceptical when I've received this book by lend. I used to be a Nick Hornby fan, but, as it often happens to me, I had lost interest for him as a novelist as soon as he's became too popular.
I know, I know I'm just a snob.

But Hornby's favourite lists were everywhere I turn my attention, and every friend of mine has his/her "top 31" to tell me on virtually everything, from "best American records to have" to "best Zoroastrian books to read".

Anyway, this novel has been able to erase all my lately prejudices on Hornby. The greatest merit of "How to be good" is the way in which Nick Hornby gives voice to a woman, stressed mother and unhappy bride as the main narrator. Having read dozens of book written by male novelists who tried to describe a woman perspective on things revealing what they were pretending to do, I have to say that Hornby has brilliantly passed this exam.

Perhaps, the novel loses part of his strength at the end, becoming less inspirated, but comparing its vices and virtues, the last ones definitely win.