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The Soccer War - Ryszard Kapuściński, William Brand After a couple of delusions ("The Negus", "Lapidarium") my paean for Kapuscinski came back thanks to this book.

Unless other works of him like say, "Imperium" or "Shah in Shah", "The Soccer War" doesn't focus on a same country or a same continent, but it goes (and walks, and runs, and flies) from Africa to Central America passing through the demon of temporary journalistic inactivity in Poland.

As for everything Kapuscinski left us, it is unappropriate calling these experiences he wrote about "reportages". They are less immediate and more meditated than a mere journalistic account involving a deep and personal participation of the journalist in the events he was a witness of.

Highly recommended also as the first stepping stone to jump into other beautiful books by this great and unconventional journalist.