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Kurt Vonnegut - Player Piano

Player Piano - Kurt Vonnegut

Let's not beat around the bush.
'Player Piano' is far below the very high standards Vonnegut set up later in his career as a novelist.
Most surprisingly - given what Kurt V. would have written in the following years - this novel casts plenty of dull dialogues and many an uninspired wordy description.

There are a few exceptions here and there (e.g. the onomatopoeic sounds, the Shah of Bratpuhr) which show a glimpse of its author sparkling absurdist postmodern talent.
But if you worship Vonnegut - as I do - then 'Player Piano' is going to be an utter disappointment.

In short, it's a first novel and it shows.
Suggested only for disillusioned completists in search of the Vonnegutian Holy Grail.

PS: It must be said that it does get better towards the end. Especially in the 'Meadows' chapters, one can easily foresee the brilliant author who would have worked on novels such as 'The Sirens of Titans' and 'Mother Night' a few years later. Still, what an evolution old Kurt had!