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Il ragazzo mucca

Il ragazzo mucca - Michele Serra Michele Serra is a great journalist and a man full of wit.
It seems he's able to write on virtually everyting.

Several years ago he has created and directed "Cuore" (Heart), a wonderful satyrical newspaper which unfortunately is not published anymore.

Serra lives in Bologna like me and I've had many occasions to see him just walking in the streets, at the teather or in the parks. He always looks tired and thoughtful. His eyes are surrounded by black circles, but have a bright and smart light shining in them.

I respect this man: he still succeeds in making me laugh on the Italian political situation and what a brilliant pen he has to be to do it!

Yet, I can't lie on this book.
"Il ragazzo mucca" (The cowboy - sic!) jeopardizes the possibilities of Serra to become also a good novelist whereas I've found it a havoc.