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Sirkusdirektørens Datter

Sirkusdirektørens Datter - Jostein Gaarder I can't stand the widely acclaimed "Sophie's World" that made a bestselling author out of Gaarder.

And yet, in my opinion, this novel has been a good reading.
Sikusdirektoerens datter ("The circus director's daughter" that became "The storyseller" into Italian) is an interesting attempt of making an unpleasant character enjoyable.

The way in which the protagonist gets his living, seeling ideas for short stories and novels to writer's block affected authors is a great narrative key found by Gaarder. Then the rest of the plot is a little disappointing.

Nevertheless I confess how I sometimes feel like the protagonist having so many ideas in my mind without being able to develope each of them, because another idea suddenly comes, sweeping away the previous ones.
A process that is very ambitous to confess, but perfectly described by Jostein Gaarder.