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La chimera

La chimera - Sebastiano Vassalli (Waiting for a longer, more meditated and well deserved review).

It still takes a few pages to finish this book and I've already read some opinions around the internet about it.
I couldn't wait.

"La Chimera" is like the perfect combination of "The Bethrothed" by Alessandro Manzoni, "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Herman Hesse and "The Moon and the Bonfire" by Cesare Pavese with a shade of Umberto Eco's erudite irony.

This book is an amazing fresco of faith and superstitions of a small poor corner of 17th century northern Italy under the Spanish dominion.
An age in which cuteness was a proof of flirting with the Devil and where Inquisition Trials still soverreigned.

Furthermore, having had the pleasure of knowing that same part of Italy thanks to several bike rides made with a good friend of mine who's born there I found this book particularly interesting.

And yet I understand all those young students who complain about it considering "La Chimera" slow and boring. This is definitely a book you shouldn't force sixteen years old guys to read at school: they will simply destest it.
Just let them grow up and discovering it by themselves. The ones who will are not going to complain about their choice.