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The House of Others

The House of Others - Silvio D'Arzo Pen named Silvio D'Arzo was one of the very few Italian writers, together with Italo Calvino and Dino Buzzati, being able to write for both, young adults and older readers.

Unless what happens in other countries, in Italy there is a strict and deep division between those who write for an adult audience (who are considered real novelists) and those who write for children (who are considered minor novelists). Personally I find this division quite disturbing as it is very hard writing for children without treating them like stupids, asking too much or, even worse, being didactical.

D'Arzo was able to cross literary genres being at the same time fascinated by Henry James and by the local traditions around his hometown.
Unfortunately he died very young and is pretty much forgotten today.

This book collects some of the best short stories D'Arzo wrote for "adults" and it worths a reading. The short story naming the book is excellent and introspective with something magical in its realism.