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La scommessa

La scommessa - Guglielmo Zucconi;Vittorio Zucconi The purpose behind this four hands written book was interesting and maybe even funny.
The authors wanted to give not only to the reader but also to themselves one hundred good reasons for loving Italy.

Unfortunately what Zucconis father and son (both good and respected journalists) wrote is anything but special.
I really like Vittorio Zucconi as a foreign correspondant from the US and I always considered him as a man full of wit and irony, but in this book he did not show any of them.
I would prefer not to write it, but at this time in comparison Beppe Severgnini sounds like a genius.

Furthermore, being written in the early 1990s and trying so hard to sound funny winking at the modern means of communication like the Internet and the email, this book seems already old.
And still I find no use in filling whole lines with vintage messages like "alert! failed connection" and joking far too much about the problems old Guglielmo Zucconi had in spelling words using a keyboard instead of a typewriting machine.

Caught by this irritation, I forgot all of the 100 reasons the Zucconis gave me for loving my homecountry.