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English for Journalists

English for Journalists - Wynford Hicks No more than a nice little reading that made me smile several times.
Having a long-time familiarity with similar but heavier manuals of style I enjoyed this one.

Hicks doesn't aim too high and give some useful tips and hints even to a foreign reader like me.
The text is brilliantly divided into short chapters and dry paragraphs which makes it easy to follow.
What you see is what you get. With a pinch of good sense of humor.

Moreover the book reports a bunch of useful lists such as the foreign expressions that became popular on the British newspaper or, say, the posher equivalents of standard terms used by not too clever columnists to impress their readers.

The only aspect that disappointed me is that among the subtleties and oddities that can affect the journalistic style in the UK, Hicks forgot to mention somehow the worst aspect to get for those who are not mother tongue: acronyms.
Needless to say that not everybody knows what NHS, AA, MP, VAT, TDS, MET stand for.
I think it might have been useful (and intellectually fair) admitting that some British journalists abuse of them not setting their meanings straight. Not all those who put their eyes on a British newspaper or magazine are born and bred in the United Kingdom.