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Altri libertini - Pier Vittorio Tondelli Although Tondelli was a genius, definitely this is not my favourite kind of literature. I'm too strictly connected to the boring places of Northern Italy in which the author moves his depraved young characters.

The crowded bus full of sweated teenagers with their big sized phosphorescently coloured backpacks I took to came back home on thousands of unglorious high school days. The trivial jokes we made. The vulgar interests we have. The same commercial advertising fueled dreams we share. The vacuous light blue eyed girls we all pretended to love. The low profile of everything. The Simpsons watched on Tv biting a cheese, mayonnaise and ham sandwich.

I need to put more physical and mental distance between me and those things to appreciate and being emotionally hit by this collection of short stories. Albeit sex and drugs role in "Altri Libertini" is a lot of times bigger than in my quiet youth, I can feel the same sensations I felt through these pages and this is a task too hard for me right now.