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La casta - Gian Antonio Stella, Sergio Rizzo No surprise that "casta" (caste) has been voted as the Word of 2007 in Italy according to many polls.

In fact public opinion has debated this book a lot during the last year. Turning on the radio, switching on the tv, opening a newspaper or a magazine "la casta" was everywhere. A kind of mediatic indigestion which could have positive effects suggesting the demolition from its basement of a corrupted reality.

Unfortunately, as it always happens here, Italians decided to turn their attention to other fundamental arguments.
Carla Bruni's liasion with Nicholas Sarkozy, for example.
Gossip is the new pornography, quoting "Manhattan".

Indeed, Gian Antonio Stella's book tells nothing new to an Italian audience: do you want to have a very good earn and a brilliant career? Throw away your bachelor degree or your pHD, leave your job, give up your honesty and your morality. Become a politician! Once you'll be elected in Parliament or even in the smallest town council your future is done.
The rule is pretty simple: in Italy every single politician is another Pope: he will stand in his/her place, enjoing his/her privileges until death comes. He/She will never have to work again, sweating for a wage.

"La Casta" shows in which way politics has polluted Italian everyday's life sucking blood to the nation instead of doing the opposite thing as it should do. And yet, having interviewed Stella years ago for my radio and appreciating most of his articles I'm sure he could do a better and more accurate work.