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La Plaza del Diamante - Mercè Rodoreda Being quite ignorant on Spanish literature, I appreciated a lot the tip of one of my customers when I was a part time temporary bookseller.

Mercè Rodoreda's novel made me discover better a very important and dramatic chapter of Spanish recent history: the Civil War between Republicans and Nationalists.
It has been very unusual for someone like me accustomed in knowing a relaxed and well fed Barcelona through Manuel Vasquez Montalban's books, finding a completely different city in "La Plaza del Diamante".

In Rodoreda's novel, Barcelona looks like a besieged town in which the streetlamps are covered by blue to prevent the bombings and only rich people can survive in a decent way. I confess how I found this historical context more interesting than the story itself which is, however, very well written.

It doesn't happen that often to find a so genuine feminine's perspective in literature.