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La variante di Lüneburg - Paolo Maurensig This is a very interesting crime fiction novel built around the game of chess without being too cerebral to follow.

I am a very bad chess player being impulsive when I have to reflect and reflective when I have to lead the match.
I have never been really intrigued by overthinking over the world famous chess games pictured in summer magazines ("The black moves and wins in 5 steps").
Plus, I don't have any patience to solve enigmas of any sort and am very bad in pointing who's the assassin in books involving a murder.

These four premises given, I particularly enjoyed this book by Maurensig. This novel doesn't even look like written by an Italian novelist. The authour goes straight forward to the Central European tradition in the wake of Boell and Grass without being derivative at all.

All-involving and brain stimulating. Perfect to read while sipping a good Viennese melange.