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Moth Smoke - Mohsin Hamid I'm reading again the English edition of Moth Smoke in these days. It seems a well written novel to me with a very particular use of language and an intriguing personal way to build sentences.
Once again I'm between the daily dusty streets of Lahore and the nightly exclusive elitarian parties of the edonistic Pakistani upper class.

Furthermore, Hamid has a very good technique in narrating the story from several perspectives, following the different points of view of his characters. There are many sublime dialogues full of a devastating black irony for example when two buddies discuss about the Indian nuclear bomb, wondering which Pakistani city will be nuked for first by 'The Enemy'.

All begins when Daru the protagonist of the novel is brutally fired losing his jobplace in a bank. He desperately tries to find another occupation but all the doors are closed for him, therein his life suddenly change.

Daru loses not only his monthly income but the possibility to live in a decent way when they cut electricity to him in the middle of the boiling summer. Without any access to air conditioning, Daru become a member of the lower society.
Therefore he looks for consolation in drugs and in a sentimental affair he is forced to hide due for its very particular circumstances.

The fall of a well mannered, not corrupted, in his own way idealistic man in a very competitive society fueled by bribes is anguishing and dramatic.
Daru already knew that what it counts in his homecountry is who you know and not what are you able to do, but it's only after losing his jobplace that he understands how difficult life may be without accepting the situation.