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IN EUROPE: TRAVELS THROUGH THE TWENTIETH CENTURY - GEERT MAK Despite its ambitiousness this book is very interesting and a must read for all the aspiring reporters.
Mak wrote a great account of the Twentieth Century of the Old Continent. "In Europe" is a goldmine of historical informations given by a brilliant and well documented journalist.

Yet, like in many gems there are a few imperfections.

Sometimes Geert Mak could be a better observer like in Cassino where he surprisingly forgets to mention the famous bombardment of the monastery. Besides as a Dutchman he does not seem to show a great sympathy for Brussels. Indeed he did a wonderful job and his writing is never boring.

Like a good wine this book is becoming better year after year gaining a sociological as well as a cultural value. This because just nine years after its publication places like Saint Petersburg, Prague, Moscow, Warsaw and Bucharest are changed a lot.

A bit heavy to carry but extremely user friendly to read.