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The Fatal Eggs - Mikhail Bulgakov, Hugh Aplin, Doris Lessing The Russian way of British humour.
This author is widely known for "Master and Margarita" but I think he did his best in short novels such as this one and "Heart of a Dog".

I particularly liked how Bulgakov chose the way of simplicity on writing this kind of sci-fi political satire.
There is any unnecessary word in The Fatal Eggs and I felt the pleasure of the narrator rising up from every single sentence with an effect as much irresistible as in masterpieces like Voltaire's "Candide".

Plus, when Bulgakov writes about professors, doctors and the whole characters from the scientific world he's extremely precise and accurate in giving realistic descriptions of their weird personalities. The fact he was himself a doctor for many years of his life, before choosing the journalistic career play a key role in this, just like it happens with Chechov.

One of the best things I read, so far, in a period of my life in which I'm reading a lot, but randomly with big difficulties in concentrating on a single novel at once. The Fatal Eggs brilliantly succeded in gaining my attention.