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Journey to Armenia - Osip Mandelstam One of the most poetic books I've ever read.
Short and pleasant as a sip of a precious nectar.

At first I was a little bit disappointed by having found not a travel book through Armenia as I was looking for.
But then I didn't care of this lack of factual comments on places and I've been completely blew away by the capacity of Mandelstam of making poetic associations, metaphors, enjambements, juxtaposing colors and shapes.

I don't have the patience (or the talent) to read in a careful way whole books or collections of poems, but this one is something closer and never get me bored or sceptical.

It's just a pity there are very few mentions to the Armenian way of life, but clearly Mandelstam was not supposed to be a journalist there and he filled his notebooks with impressions a journalist would have missed.