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Speaking With the Angel - Robert Harris, Roddy Doyle, Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby, Helen Fielding, Colin Firth, Melissa Bank, Giles Smith, John O'Farrell, Patrick Marber, Irvine Welsh, Zadie Smith A discontinuos collection of short stories written by a bunch of the most successful Anglo-saxon writers of the 1990s.
Of course there is a fil rouge as well as a purpose behind, something connected with help and equal rights for disadvantaged children led by a Nick Hornby idea.

As it often happens, the short stories of the best known novelists such as Nick Hornby, Dave Eggers, Irvine Welsh and Roddy Doyle are the less interesting ones. A following rising star as Zadie Smith does good. Yet, as for me, the best short story here (and by far) is by John O'Farrell. Check it!