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Sarajevo Marlboro - Miljenko Jergović, Stela Tomasevic, Ammiel Alcalay, Miljenko Jergović This is a good collection of short stories about life in Sarajevo.

Naming the town you could wonder the book is about the recent war in Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo and you are not that far from truth, yet Jergovic did something more.
He did not only write about bad times, death, snipers shooting, starving and human desperation in his hometown, but worked on a bunch short stories talking about how life was actually before the conflict began. May it be the description of an unlucky weekend trip or the story of a family with Croatian roots living in Bosnia, Jergovic managed to sound not too obvious in taking advantage of the "Sarajevo business".

Now the whole town is pretty much forgotten and of course the title of this book is a little bit blinky and not that perfect, but I think its content is noteworthy. Some of the people you will find here have something to tell, teach, remember and you shouldn't take them just like characters.

Just a mark of disappointment at the end. Having read the book in English and being not a mother tongue I had the impression there were some mistakes here and there. This was really disturbing, as the translator tried to put intentional grammar mistakes for making the book more exotic, but I don't know if other people who have a better knowledge of the language shared the same impression. So, let me know!