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Fantastic Mr. Fox - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl - When have you read this book?
- Well, I think I was seven years old or something.

- Could you tell us more about Fantastic Mr. Fox?
- Actually I don't remember that much about it, you know. There was a fox called Mr Fox who used to live with his family underground in a cosy tane. I remember the drawings on the book. They were nice. They were in black and white. I tried to copy them with a pencil on a paperbook.

- I guess you were talented in drawing...
- I'm afraid you're wrong. I wasn't and I am not.

- Did you ever read anything by Roald Dahl before?
- No, I'm pretty sure that it was my first book by Dahl.

- May I ask you to give us a reason to read this book?
- Of course. I think Fantastic Mr. Fox could be a wonderful tale to read to your sons and daughters while they're in their bed, just waiting for sleep to come. They will have a good night.