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The Yellow Arrow - Victor Pelevin, Andrew Bromfield We were told how planet Earth turns on its axis day by day, drawing an elliptical orbit around the Sun once a year.
Well, this is something.

Yet, both time and space may stand on a line, potentially leaning toward the infinite, but actually aiming to a specific moment in which everything will end. Somehow.

"The Yellow Arrow" is a neverending train tracing out that horizontal timeline, having a past, a present and even a future in its wagons. It runs to its fate. May it be a broken bridge, may it be oblivion.
"The Yellow Arrow" is a community of people not caring that much of the lands they are crossing, unaware of their movement, unhopeful of their destination. Their greatest aspiration is trying to have a wider view on their enclosed universe, fantasizing about its head and tail.
They believe in myth.

Who drives "The Yellow Arrow"? Apparently no one. And yet the train goes.
Who lives in "The Yellow Arrow"? Disillusioned human beings with Russian names, patronymics, habits.
Who cares about "The Yellow Arrow"? Not the people living along its route, outdoors, in another world.

This is a sublime and profound satire about contemporary Russia.