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A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian - Marina Lewycka Mmmh. I had higher expectations for this book.

Still I am not that disappointed. Yet I thought I would have laughed more than I am actually doing while reading it.

A few of the main characters are a bit too much stereotyped in order to get some comical effect (the Ukrainian tart is a caricature rather than a person) and some details are unnecessary (the breast surgery in Budapest, ugh!).

Nevertheless old Pappa Majevsky is extremely realistic and the fights and then cohalition between his two daughters are enjoyable.

The whole tractor thing is pushed by force into the frame of the story. I confess how I actually skipped most of the parts of the "short history".

But the reading process is still ongoing so I may find a sense in this tractor business that currently looks to me just a clever idea for having a blinky title.