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The Library of Babel

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A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works - Jonathan Swift Witty. Provoking. Macabre.
And unbelievably mistaken by some of his contemporary fellowmen.

"A Modest Proposal" is a masterpiece on how satire may be used for condemning human hypocrisy revealing the social issues unseen by the calculated blindness of many governors.

The anthropophagy solution for winning over poverty, unemployment, begging and constant starving in Ireland is expressed by Jonathan Swift in a cynical and unemotional way.

A way that shows how modern Swift was and how much he had to fight as a polemist for being understood in the early 18th century.

Firstly the reader strucks.
Secondly the reader shivers.
Thirdly the reader giggles.
Fourthly the reader claps.