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My Century - Günter Grass One hundred short stories with a very high average level.
The short format of these miniatures helps. In this case, being concise avoiding digressions makes Grass' way of writing even better.

Each narration you will find here is related to one of the years between 1900 and 2000. Different point of views and many interesting perspectives on the main events happened in Germany and worldwide in the last century.

The author is able to put himself in the shoes of schoolboys, old women, sport reporters, politicians, soldiers, tycoons, professors and so on in many cases resuscitating famous characters or giving new life and speech to those common people who not only made history but lived their personal stories in that frame.

This book is an excellent idea that just Günter Grass could have turned from theory into reality thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge and dedication. I am glad he did it.