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Mr. Vertigo - Werner Schmitz, Paul Auster When I was a young dumb teenager unaware of the complexity of the whole world, one of the hit songs I use to listen again and again and once more on a self recorded tape was "I wish I could fly" by Roxette.

Have you noticed that "When I was a young dumb etc." at the beginning of the sentence? Please do it.

This novel speaks about flying. This novel speaks about the hard training that a depaupered American child have to do to become a new kind of Barnum phenomenon at the service of a weird hasidic-like man in the pre Great Depression US. In my opinion, it's not all that coincidence the flying child comes from St.Louis (a homage to Charles Lindbergh's plane).
My dear Paul Auster, may I tell this?

When I was in my early twenties, aware of the complexity of the feminine's world, one of the indie songs I use to listen again and again and once more was an illegally downloaded mp3 of "Walking on the water" by Motorpsycho.

This novel speaks about walking on the water as well. Yet, you don't have to be better than Jesus to read it. The only useful tip I can give you is to don't follow the Auster Technique if you're really interested in walking across that big lake back on the corner you see from your window.