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The Rain Before it Falls - Jonathan Coe Jonathan Coe gets really lyrical all through this book.

Well, perhaps the choice of having a monologue for so many pages is not the best, but it works somehow.
The same fact it's a voice recorded on tape speaking would have made it potentially hard to stand, but I enjoyed and really appreciated the way Coe made it.
This is a voice coming from and talking about the past. Rosamund's voice illustrates photos to a distant listener, but what it really does is actually knitting a whole ball of thread into some rich tapestry with words, memories, regrets.

Putting my unbearable criticism related to some minor details (brackets!) behind, the book is captivating and has the power of making you feel melancholic in a soft gentle way.
Mr Coe is probably one of the last romantics on this Earth and I like him being that way.

There's something else to say. I read all the novels by Jonathan Coe so
far and I've always thought that he was a very good writer, but pretty weak with endings. Whether they were happy or sad ones or B-movie like as it happens in "What a Carve Up!" Coe simply never convinced me with the way he was closing the stories.
Well "The Rain Before It Falls" has a convincing ending and this is an encouraging thing to know for everyone who likes this novelist.