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Berlin Alexanderplatz: Die Geschichte vom Franz Biberkopf Roman - Alfred Döblin Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?
It's time to be honest: I've never finished this book.
Indeed I was intrigued by the title, by the fact that I know quite well the place itself - I mean, the square - having spent a month close to it in formerly East Berlin.

But as soon as I've understood I've found a German version of James Joyce instead of the book I've been expecting for I've had a lot of difficulties in going on.
Page after page it has became a torture. The more I've tried to resist the more I've failed miserably in reading this novel. Then, I've quit.

Doblin's style is not only complicated: it's absurd, it looks like the unconscious monologue of a sleepless man under the effect of beer and opium at the same time.
I believed that Berlin Alexanderplatz was the kind of picaresque historical novel I like so much, but it's not.

However, it can't be denied it's pretty cool just walking on the streets of your town with this oversized book under your right arm. It gives you an intellectual aura. Nevertheless, I ask for something easier to read, even with a less wellcrafted title.