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The Sirens of Titan - Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut at his best.
I've bought this book at Shakespeare & Co. in Vienna. Actually I was looking for "Cat's cradle" but there the bookseller -I guess he was Canadian, by the way- has suggested me to take this one. It has been a bit difficult to find this novel among the highest shelves of that small and cosy bookshop but I've managed to. Standing on the old wooden ladder of Shakespeare & Co. I've risked to fall down twice. Anyway, I'm safe and sound.

And I've got my Sirens of Titan.
Prepare yourself to be kidnapped by this book. It is simply amazing the way in which Vonnegut reinvents science fiction here satirizing about it with a great competence. At the same time this novel expresses very well two of the greatest passions of Vonnegut: the creation of a new mass religion and the smallness, the unimportance of Earthlings in the drawing of a Universe in which the whole mankind is just a pawn.

As usually, Vonnegut is full of wit and sometimes you've got the impression that his marvellous creativity has no end. Albeit there are a couple of elements which don't fit so well in the canvas of the novel(Beatrice Rumfoord's famous book on cooking is evocated once and no more, Boaz is left behind on Mercury) they're just small signals of Vonnegut's sincere impetuosity.

Have you been disappointed by the vision of "The War of the Worlds"? Well, I'm pretty sure you won't ever find a better Mars Invasion than The Sirens Of Titan's paradoxical one.