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A Man Without a Country - Kurt Vonnegut I don't like essays and usually I keep me away from them.
But Kurt Vonnegut is first of all a man I've admired and envied so much. That's why I was really curious to read his latest opinions on this post Semptember 11 world.

He hasn't disappointed my expectations. I guess Vonnegut would be able to interest me even writing about trigonometry, but what comes out from this short essay is once again his peculiarity as a man full of personal and original thoughts.

The title itself of the essay has made me think to the concept of Granfalloon which is expressed in "Cat's cradle". What does it mean? It's pretty easy if you know Bokononism: a Granfalloon is a false Karass. If you're not familiar whith The Book of Bokonon you just have to know that a Karass is an association of people in the world who have something in common, who independently from each other work for a same goal, sharing a similar fate.
Countries, like the US, are Granfalloon because they pretend to create a common identity among people putting them under the same flag, the same language, the same laws and so on.

Kurt Vonnegut has no country, he's proud to consider himself a stateless person. What Vonnegut writes here is sharpened, objective and wise a hundred times more than every movie Michael Moore will ever do.