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Peepshow - Larry J. Sabato, S. Robert Lichter, Mark Stencel I know my girlfriend will hate me for giving only 2 stars to this book she brought me straight from the Smithsonian Museum bookshop in Washington DC, but I cannot lie.

The idea behind "Peepshow" (great title) is brilliant aiming to discuss the blurry limit between private and public life and behaviors of American politicians starting from the famous Lewinski scandal which led to the impeachment of Bill "Sax & Sex" Clinton.
The authors suggest and report the different approaches that a journalist may decide to have while reporting about politics and gossip and the way these two fields are becoming more and more intertwined.

Unfortunately, what lacks here is some proper writing.
I found the style of Larry J.Sabato and co. absolutely flat and dry, way too much American-centric and with just a few moments in which my yawns became inappropriate.
As for me, "Peepshow" could have been much better in the hands of a better journalist such as David Remnick or Walter Cronkite who would have been able to put some salt in this interesting topic.

My impression is that this book was written in a hurry with not enough anecdotes and research on the field, but interviewing or quoting only people well known to Mr Sabato.
But perhaps it's just me having read "Peepshow" in the wrong moment. I will come back to it when I can. I wonder if I missed something good here.

Just don't forward this review on to my girlfriend!