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Die Panne: Ein Hörspiel und eine Komödie - Friedrich Durrenmatt What a book.
I could be speechless and that would be the best review.
I cannot resist, though.

This story is pure perfection without any doubt.
The same narration seem to follow the clock like in a nouvelle vague movie, going from the daylight 'sober' normality to the late night 'drunk' judgement.

There is this subtle veil of wickedness the reader get more and more aware of, page after page. Still, this evil part is somehow perceived but not realized by Alfredo Traps, the protagonist, who keep in eating and drinking, while put on trial. Then he will understand how the real game was not the trial, but the blowout he had and this consciousness will be devastating for him.

"Die Panne" is sublime and thrilling to read. Moreover I am pretty sure you will get involved as I was in the process of interpretating this book as soon as you will close it.