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The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom - Slavomir Rawicz Three stars go to the novel which is a good one.
Just please don't tell me this is a true story. I know how the topic seems to be controversial, but come on! This is clearly creative fiction with bits of reality floating on its surface.
Praise the author for the plot and shame on him for claiming it a true story.

Some parts of "The Long Walk" are certainly authentic memories and the description of the tortures suffered by Rawicz in the Russian prisons are very accurate and compelling.

But then the lack of details in many crucial following parts and some oddities (the role played by the camp commander's wife, train of camels seen north of the Transiberian railways, 8 days without drinking while crossing the Gobi desert, an unexpected meeting with Mr.Yeti) are clearly a work of fiction.

Still, this is an interesting book if you don't take it as a reliable account of what really happened to its author in the Soviet Union.