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Suite Française - Irène Némirovsky, Sandra Smith

Beautifully written.
It doesn't look a bit like the partially unchecked first draft it was.
But this is probably due to the perfectionism involved in the writing technique of Irène Némirovsky.

I disagree with those who found the main characters here slightly stereotyped.
Not even Albert - the cat - has stereotyped manners here.

Not a masterpiece and perhaps over-hyped due to the sad personal story (and controversial behavior) of its author.
Still "Suite Française" is a very good book, although covering only two-fifths of what Némirovsky wanted to write and - I guess - very little of what she wished to achieve.

This ambitious unfinished novel/project will probably be more appreciated by a female audience. But personally I'm glad to come back to it each evening between dinner and pre-bed teeth brushing.

PS: Thumbs down for the cheap-romance like cover chosen for the British edition of this book.
Wouldn't have been much better placing a photo of the original manuscript or some black and white picture of the author herself? Just a thought, eh.