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Marzi 1984-1987 vol. 1 - Marzena Sowa Sylvain Savoia Calling this book "The Polish Persepolis" as many did would not be fair.

What I like, apart from the book, is the story behind its genesis.
Let's take a French illustrator and a Polish woman with some writing skills. Let's call them Sylvain and Marzena. Then let these two fall in love with each other.

Visiting Marzena's country, Sylvain got interested in the childhood of his girlfriend and he asked her to remember those days. Marzena did it beginning with some apparently minor details related with daily life during the communist age. Sylvain found those details inspiring and began drawing some sketches of a carp in a bathtub.

Well, according to Sylvain and Marzena this is how red-haired intrepid "Marzi" was born on paper. And I trust them.

This book collects the very first stories coming out from Marzena's childhood. The drawings are beautiful, the storyboard is pretty good and the whole operation is deserving. Maybe "Marzi" is not a masterpiece but having been in Poland recently I found her 1980s adventures as a good guide for understanding in a better and not pedant way the country nowadays.