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Kurt Vonnegut - Mother Night

Mother Night - Kurt Vonnegut

Today I will tell you about an interesting and unexplicably underrated semi-underground tribe: the Vonnegutians.

Either urban or rural, the Vonnegutians are spread all over the world (with primeval colonies in Indianapolis and the Galapagos islands) and cover at least three generations.

Tendentially secularists, the Vonnegutians may however be inclined to join the subtropical doctrine of Bokononism at an earlier or a later stage of their lives.

Regretfully, the social behavior of the Vonnegutians is still a mystery. And so it goes.

Oddballs at heart, many Vonnegutians are lonesome, romantic and slightly schizophrenic souls. These folks like to be considered outsiders and underdogs and, sometimes, join (and then desert) international fellowships of fanatic Vonnegutians known as 'karass'.

An interesting habit of the members of a karass is to call 'granfaloons' all non-Vonnegutians clubs, parties, societies, communities and religions.

How to recognise a Vonnegutian?
Well, that's incredibly easy. Just let him/her speak.

Most Vonnegutians are avid readers and share a common ground of uncommon jokes, obscure quotes, historic dates, Trafalmadorian jargon, German poetry all spiced up with a mix of sarcasm and fatalism.

Another key to understand if you are talking with an actual Vonnegutian is to ask him/her what their favourite book is.
Chances are the Vonnegutian will answer by mentioning one of the novels written by his/her prophet: Kurt Vonnegut Jr (KVJ).

The sub-tribe known as the 'Mother-Nighters' worship a scroll entitled 'Mother Night' and written in 1961 from KVJ.

It must be stressed out that the 'Mother-Nighters' do not represent a majority among the Vonnegutians, whose main sub-tribes are definitely the tempered 'Slaughterhouse-Fivers' and the fanatical 'Cat's Cradlers'.

However, if you will ever have the chance to meet an authentic Mother-Nighter (as your humble pen pusher, here, is), please keep calm and listen on. You won't regret it.