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The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hamid So far a total disappointment.
What happened to the brilliant author of Moth Smoke?

This book with his narrator's monologue looks like an attempt to simplify both: literature and points of view.

Even irony seems put here and there without a logic.
And the effect of all these fake attempts to pretend the narrator is really having a conversation with the stereotype of an American businessman in Lahore is really disturbing.

I hope that Hamid is going to surprise me, but still page after page, chapter after chapter I am becoming pessimist. And bored.

It's all about writing technique and honestly the story itself doesn't catch my attention.

The narrator himself in his chaotic and sticky talking doesn't resemble the shy, bright, silently well mannered fellow he is in the story.

And this unbearable omniscient figure keeps on narrating for (apparently) the whole book without intermissions. Help!