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Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut There are two voices inside my head. Let's call them Lore and Enzo. At the moment L & E are quarreling on Cat's Cradle.

L) Oh come on! This book is wonderful. Perhaps it's the best novel Vonnegut has ever written.
E) Are you kidding me? Have you read the whole of it?
L) Of course I've read it from its first word to the very last one.
E) And haven't you noticed anything strange?
L) What are you talking about?
E) I mean, you know, it's a discontinuous novel. I can't deny it has a great beginning, but it gradually loses its brightness reaching the end.
L) What?! Are you telling me you haven't appreciated the marvellous description of San Lorenzo island and so on?
E) No, no. The Banana Republic part is ok...but look at the plot!
L) What's wrong with the plot?
E) Well..at first the narrator wants to write a book about this eccentric scientist who has planned the atomic bomb.
L) Yeah. Go on.
E) And then he decides to interview one of the scientist sons. But as soon as he meets Frank Hoenikker in San Lorenzo he seems to lose all his interest for him.
L) I disagree! Have you forgotten Ice-Nine?
E) No, but...
L) And what about Bokononism? You can't deny that the concept and the teachings of this fake religion link every single chapter of the novel. You can't say it's discontinuous while everything in it is so closely-knit!
E) That's a point of view. Besides I haven't liked the structure of the novel. More than one hundred chapters..
L) They're not "chapters" they're more like episodes.
E) Mmmh...
L) I think you're not in my karass.
E) Karass? Actually all that you join are granfalloons.
L) Foma! Lies! A pack of foma!

Shut up voices! I need a boko-maru right now. Is there anyone who wants to share the soles of her feet? Busy, busy, busy.