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The Pythons Autobiography By The Pythons - Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle ...and now for something completely different, let me introduce you the Pythons autobiography by... the Pythons themselves (applause).

What you can find in this book is:
John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and yes, ladies and gentlemen, Graham Chapman live-dead from the afterlife talking about the twenty years they spent together.
What they did earlier.
What they did after.
Who they were before Monty Python:
their provincial childhoods, their boarding and public schools, the dichotomy between an Oxford University and a Cambridge University education (with a brief interlude at the Occidental College - thank you Terry G).

Action. Surprise. A hint of Ambition.
Emotion. Delight. And George Harrison
The rise and fall of a sublime world of clever entertainment provided by blasphemous - pardon - heretical entertainers.

And much more.
They wrote celestial songs such as the crossover hit "Always look at the Bright Side of Life" or the Catholic standard "Every Sperm is Sacred" standing on the top of the seminary charts for 39 weeks after its release and which Benedict - Benny - XVI has recently put #1 on his iPope tunes.

And it's not over yet, mesdames et messieurs.
They revamped the jolly good cult of the Spanish Inquisition.
They gave a new meaning to Life and a new life to Death. They managed to elevate the mundane Victorian squalor of a tasteless salmon mousse to a cracking social icebreaker.

Are they the same Monty Python who searched for the Holy Grail?
Yes, they were.
Are they the same Monty Python who portrayed a complete and utter history of Britain?
Yes, Sir.
It's them.

They were great. They set the scene. They did pretty well, didn't they?
But how they made it for twenty years?

Let's face it. They were underdogs.
Graham Chapman drank. John Cleese was in it for the money. Terry Gilliam never went to Oxbridge, Eric Idle was...well, idle, Terry Jones was Welsh and Michael Palin is now making documentaries for the Bbc...

And in this book Chapman (from post-mortem) quarrels with Idle who criticizes Cleese who throws shit over Palin who doesn't like Jones who quarrels with Gilliam who hates them hall (but especially Cleese) re-hated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you will love this book.
It's absolutely Pythonesque. It glitters wit. It's savage. It's pure Monty.
And nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!