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The Da Vinci Code  - Dan Brown A couple of years ago I've taught Italian culture in Oslo. Don't ask me why. My course was named "Italian inventors".

Talking about Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings I've discovered that all my students had read this novel while I hadn't. So I borrowed an English edition of the book from Angelo the "Italian cooking techniques" teacher.
I've read the novel in a short while between the Oslo underground and my room.

The Da Vinci Code is written to be what it is: a bestseller. I mean, it's full of stereotypes, historical errors, mistakes of any kind. Every single chapter begins in the same way. The characters are poor. The plot is childish. The comments on paintings show that Dan Brown has read maybe a couple of "Art for dummies" books in his life.

Anyway, the book has become a good excercise. My Norwegian students have been delighted to find the mistakes on it.