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A week in December - Sebastian Faulks I knew I shouldn't have bought this.
But, alas, I did.

What could I have bought instead for 1.50 pounds? Mmmh...let's see
- half iced vanilla latte at the local coffee place;
- 5 litres of still mineral water from the cornershop;
- a big bunch of fair trade bananas;
And so it goes.

I remember how 'A Week in December' was included in a list named 'books you should read about post-financial crisis London' published in The Economist.

The list included 'Other people's money' by Justin Cartwright and 'Capital' by John Lanchester which I skipped countless times when raiding charity shops and such.

And yet, I bought this one. Why on Earth? Why?

My goodness, this book is so terrible.
It does look like Sebastian Faulks attended a cheap course on British bestseller cocktail chemistry, as shown:

- 20% of White Teeth Martini by Zadie Smith;
- 35% of The Infomation Soda by Martin Amis;
- 30% of Ian McEwan's Londoner Absynth;
- 10% of David Mitchell's Multicharactered Liquor;
Plus, an olive imbibed in the Thames (the remaining 5%).

Unfortunately, the taste of this inky concoct is rather dreadful. And it does leave an unpleasant aftertaste too.

What would you expect from an author who - when thinking about a name for a completely unnecessary character of a Polish footballer - ended up with Tadeusz Borowski?

Taduesz 'Spike' Borowski, to be precise.

I mean, dear Sebastian Faulks, are you an idiot not knowing who the actual Tadeusz Borowski was or shall I take this choice as a sort of clumsy joke or - even worse - as a literary anti-tribute?

For Tadeusz 'Spike' Borowski speaks in broken English.

Bad. Bad. Bad.
Just bad.

Anyways, now I can see how 'A Week in December' is included in the 'Abandoned Books' list on Goodreads.
Which doesn't surprise me a bit: after a few sips I've also left my cocktail untouched.

Did I say that this novel is bad?
Avoid it at all costs.