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Los impostores

Los impostores - Santiago Gamboa Have you ever read anything by David Lodge?
You know, that novelist who is a master in narrating the lives and the funny accidents of American professors visting the UK and English professors visiting the US. Yes, him.

If you know who I'm speaking about or what I mean you will certainly appreciate Santiago Gamboa's novel.
Forget all the South American novelists stereotypes. Forget Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Luis Sepulveda as well.

This novel is pretty funny and satirizes in a very clever and bright way the academic world. A selfreferencial planet made of quotes, bibliographies, workshops, international meetings. An academic world where almost every friendship among its inhabitants has an envy behind.

However Gamboa succeed in writing a good novel, clearly influenced by Lodge, but with a personal style and hilarious moments of humour.