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L'ebreo che ride

L'ebreo che ride: l'umorismo ebraico in otto lezioni e duecento storielle - Moni Ovadia The Bulgarian born Moni Ovadia is quite known in Italy mainly for his activity in theatres.

Ovadia's yiddish humour is simply devastating although is all but original. This polyedric man has done such an excellent job in recollecting oral tales, stories and mottos of European Jews. It's thanks to Ovadia that I've learnt the meaning of words like "goy", "shetl", "tate", or "schmuck" which are pretty useful to know if you get into a certain kind of literature.

These eight lessons and two hundred stories on Hebraic humour are a very good read to understand the very particular way of kidding their habits, their rabbies, their terrible mamas and themselves at all of Jewish people.

Ovadia is able to imitate even the yiddish accent in his lessons and stories creating an exilarating and yet profound view on many aspects of life among modern Jews, with the contrast between the old orthodox ones and the young laymen.