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Testa d'argento

Testa d'argento - Luigi Malerba This is a very good collection of short stories by one of the most underrated modern Italian novelists.

What I like in Malerba is something unknown by many contemporary Italian novelists: simplicity. He doesn't flirt with long sentences, egocentric attempts of showing his writing skills or whatsoever. Malerba simply writes funny, witty and often romantic short stories preferring a first person narration.

The stories in this collection reminded me the ones of Calvino, Buzzati and Manganelli. Yet, Malerba developes his own style and I've found it rather convincing and captivating.

What else can I say to promote a novelist who had the idea of writing a short story from the perspective of the "Brutus right hand", getting more and more conscious and worried about its hard task of killing Caesar, day after day? Maybe that he's to blame for having stolen me a good subject!