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Il cinico non è adatto a questo mestiere. Conversazioni sul buon giornalismo

Il cinico non è adatto a questo mestiere - Ryszard Kapuściński, Maria Nadotti This is not a book by Ryszard Kapuscinski but a collection of a bunch of his Italian speeches and interviews.

We can roughly translate its title into
"The cynical doesn't fit with this job"

It's an interesting reading for those of you who are fond of the great Polish journalist like me. If you don't know him I hardly suggest to get one of his excellent reportage books before of this one.

Anyways, the last part of this book is amazing. This because of, unlike the previous ones, it's not only about Kapuscinski answering to frankly bad-focused questions. What you will find in the last pages is an amazing conversation among him, the English poet and writer John Berger, a smart interviewer and the ghost of Hans Magnus Enzensberger...
Less than twenty pages full of wit as well as good reflections on journalism, history and the relationship between authors and their readers.