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Almost Blue (City Lights Italian Voices)

Almost Blue (City Lights Italian Voices) - Carlo Lucarelli Carlo Lucarelli's black suited silhouette has become popular in Italy thanks to a well done programme on the third channel of national television. The programme mainly speaks about unresolved massmurderers, political killings, bombings and massacres which have happened in Italy in the last years.

Lucarelli's favourite opening line introducing a new case is "This is a scary story which has not finished yet" is known by a wide audience, including many people who haven't read a single book by him.

Honestly, I think Lucarelli's crime fiction literature is quite overrated, having nothing to add to its genre.
A plain and monotonous writing technique, instinct led characters, non-existent social and historical frames are the main traits of this author

And yet, Almost Blue is the best novel by Lucarelli having an original plot and trying to go a step forward than his other works.