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Wait Until Spring, Bandini ("Rebel Inc." Classics)

Wait Until Spring, Bandini - John Fante I remember reading this one in the summer of 2005 while sitting in the hall of the old Deichmanske Library in Oslo.
(I wonder if that library is still open. It's a place I like to recall).

The adventures of a young Arturo Bandini and his family in cold Colorado were really entertaining and particularly easy to read for the poor written English reader I was at that time.
Yet, the simplicity of style didn't affect the goodness of this novel.

I confess how I fall in love too easily with books flirting with childhood memories, teenage romanticism and family relations. And this one has this all, adding a lot of hard cheese on the normally technicolored postcard of the "American dream"

The way young Bandini chases the girl he thinks he is in love with at school reminded me of some passages starring Becky in "Tom Sawyer". There are also elements of Steinbeck in this way of writing, but Fante was definitely able to create a style and a world of his own.

In this book one cannot forget the extremely realistic way the author portrayed Arturo's mum, dad and brothers.
Besides, very few writers wrote about the hardness of a poverty-stricken wintertime and the anticipation of a better spring in such a good way.

"Wait Until Spring, Bandini" is hilarious, melancholic and poignant at the same time.