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Il disperso di Marburg

Il disperso di Marburg - Nuto Revelli Promises not kept.
I was expecting more by this book.

Its Magris-esque title.
Its author (whom I really respected as a historian).
Its setting during WWII in Piedmont (Pavese, Primo Levi, Vassalli...).

The whole idea of writing about memories, seeking for memories, recovering them while starting from a minor episode of those turbulent days looked great to me.
Because those were the days in which the disappearance of a single man - and a German! - was scarcely important, almost unnoticed.

What happened to the Vanished German? Did they assassinated him? And who were these "they"? Partisans? Bandits? Other Germans?
Was this German a good villain? Were there evil heroes?

Nuto Revelli asks. Revelli wonders. Revelli noses around. And his investigation brings him to the hometown of the perished mysterious German. But there is something missing: writing.

I am sorry to say it, but this book calls for yawns.