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Hummelhonung - Torgny Lindgren One of the most original things I've ever read, though Hummelhonung (Honey) is disturbing and difficult in its own way. There's a dangerous lack of human beings in the counterposition of two twin brothers in a remote corner of Sweden.

Like salt and sugar the two old brothers are impossibile to mix together and the only thing that keeps them alive is their reciprocal hate. Each of them has a lethargic, selfish and out of time life just aiming to survive to the long wished death of his twin.

Torgny Lindgren gradually unveils the reasons of this incomprehensible competition thanks to the presence of a third character, a woman preacher accidentally blocked by a snowstorm in the house of one of the twins.

Divided between salt and sugar the woman doesn't pick a part. She tries to understand two opposite solitudes being forced to live a third and sour one.