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The Mountains of My Life (Modern Library Exploration)

The Mountains of My Life (Modern Library Exploration) - Walter Bonatti Me and alpinism are the perfect oxymoron.
And yet I like so much reading about these kind of books in which adventure perfectly suits with wild life and danger.

Bonatti was the youngest alpinist of an Italian expedition which was the first in the world to reach the top of Hymalaian K2 in 1954. At that time the success of this expedition was followed a lot by the italian mass medias and public opinion which considered "the K2 conquerors" like national heroes.

Walter Bonatti never reached the top of K2. As a youngster, he was treated more as a local sherpa carrier than as a member of the expedition by his famous companions, Lacedelli and Compagnoni.
Suddenly they abandoned him at more than 8000 metres without oxygen or explanations. Bonatti survived, but his awful experience became like a black spot to clean up in the post K2 climbing tales. Furthermore Lacedelli and Compagnoni have always rejected Bonatti's accusations.

"The Mountains of my life" speaks about the controversial K2 episode, but has much more to offer. Reading at these pages you can feel the love, the symbiosis between Bonatti and some of the most known peaks in the world which have been all climbed by him, sometimes in unbelievable circumstances.