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Wind Shift

Wind Shift - Andrea De Carlo In his last books De Carlo has finally understood he has to forget Milan and the uncomfortable sensations which this polluted metropolis creates in most of its inhabitants.

The protagonist of Wind Shift is a twenty something estate agent. Having been an estate agent myself too for just a year I can say that De Carlo makes a good portrait of him. You know that kind of quite ignorant and fashion addicted Italian guy who still lives at his parents home. That kind of superficial but ambitiuos guy who uses his monthly income to buy technological gadgets, firmed clothes and sport utility vehicles while his mother irons his Brooks Bros shirts and his Dolce & Gabbana boxers.

Well this man who is still a boy reveals all his fragility as soon as he's forced to live in an isolated countryside together with some of his clients due for a car accident.

Unfortunately De Carlo returns once again on one of his favourite arguments: the life of a small community of men and women highjacked, wrecked on a totally unknown environment. Some of them find this new environment hostile like the childish estate agent while others understand who they really are in that situation.
It's not a bad idea for a novel, though it's an old one. But in my opinion De Carlo doesn't give any particular reason to distinguish this book among similar others, some of them already written by him.